fundamental idea.


Anyone can change and influence their own life.

The Chinese call it “Qi”, in India the word is “Prana”, we call it energy. It is the very substance of everything that exists. It is the source of all life, the key to our wellbeing. Because our bodies consist of and are nurtured by the energy that flows through them, it is vital that this flow is unhindered. Energy blockades can result in psychological and physical illnesses.


Learn how to let your energy flow and get to know yourself in the process.

Selected exercises from the traditional health systems YOGA AND QIGONG will teach you how to use your energy resources correctly to prevent illnesses and understand your own body and mind.


Enjoy your life with more energy.

Energy training incorporates aspects of traditional Asian self-cultivation methods which can be closely linked to our western lifestyle. Tailored to your individual needs and goals, energy training will help you live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.