Everything is made of Qi and everything is nurtured by Qi. But only few know: Energy can be used, trained and transformed.


Qigong can be defined as “the work with energy” and is a highly effective self-cultivation method with ancient tradition. The synergy of breathing, meditation and movement exercises helps strengthen the body and spirit. Discover the key to your wellbeing and fountain of your life: Your energy.

Daoist Qigong.

The refined art of self cultivation. 

These ancient traditional exercises are based on the teachings of LAOZI (author of DAO DE JING). For hundreds of years this secret self-cultivation technique was passed on from masters to only a few selected students. This system consists of movement exercises (Wei Dan Gong) and silence exercises (Nei Dan Gong) which, when combined, strengthen the Qi-flow of the body and train the Shen (Spirit).

Tai Chi Qigong.

The art of using both cerebral hemispheres.

This practice incorporates both sides of the body simultaneously and stimulates the right and left side of the brain, which results in a balance of body and spirit.


This training program consists of 18 exercises, that can be learned by anyone (independent of age or fitness). These exercises can be used as an introduction to the widely popular art of shadowboxing (Taijiquan). The relatively intensive movement sequences of Taijiquan become comprehensible and can be easily learned with a basic knowledge of Tai Chi Qigong.


Tai Chi Qigong increases your energy level and improves your breathing capacity– it makes you feel refreshed and strengthened. Continuous practice will make your body more flexible, the movements softer and your breathing deeper.