energy work & workshops.

Personal coaching – the individual training concept Everyone is unique.

In order to design an effective, holistic training program your individual goals and needs have to be taken into consideration. Age, sex and general level of health play an important role in the development of your tailor-made training program.

Every person has a different path.
Energy training consists of the practices and the philosophical teachings of Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoism.
In order to live a complete life, you have to know yourself and understand your path. Energy is the source of life; its flow is the key to your wellbeing.

Seminars and workshops – get to know yourself.

Stress reduction, self-cultivation and relaxation in a tranquil environment: In seminars and workshops you can learn different meditation practices and take a break from your daily routine. We frequently offer silence-seminars in monasteries and energy training workshops outside, in the nature.