„The basic principles of Energy Medicine“

Workshop ARUBA
Theory and Practice for a healthier fulfilled Life. You will learn about the concept of increasing your vital energy and to strengthen your body and mind. Beginner Workshop.
  12th of February 2023 10am-2pm

"The Art of Energy-Training"

Workshop ARUBA

Main Topics - learn how to feel energy and distinguish frequencies - feel and see your Aura (energy field) - strengthen your energyflow - clean your main chakras - transform negative energies and learn how to transmit energy. Everything is Energy and the more you have the better you feel! Ancient wisdom - new interpreted. 25 Years of Coaching Experiences in Europe with the most effective results.
 2 Days (10am-2pm) 11th & 12th March 2023

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Main topics - Art and Science of the Asana Practice - the core principles of QI-Training - The chakras, their function and purpose - Yoga and Meditation for more Energy. Everything is Energy and the ancient Yogis/Yoginis used their knowledge about Energy to train their body and mind. Asana Practice and Pranayama Practice is used to concentrate and control the Prana/QI for better health and a stronger mind.

2 Days (10am-2pm) April 2023

Teacher Training

The Personal Teacher Training for QI-ENERGYTRAINING includes 3 workshops
(Saturday and Sunday 10am -2pm) and 10 hours Personal Coaching. Each workshop will include a Theoretical and Practical Part (incl. Teaching Material which will be handed out) with a short written exam after each weekend and a homework practice which has to be handed in before the next following workshop.
By the end of the last workshop an Examination Date(with a Practical and Theoretical Part) will take place and decide if the participant corresponds to the qualification of QI-ENERGYTRAINING. A Certificate of QI-ENERGYTRAINER will be handed out if the examination is successfully completed.The Dates of the workshops are agreed upon in consultation with the Trainer and Participant.The Teacher Training is for someone who wants to deepen his knowledge about Body & Mind Training with the Basic Principles of QI-Energytraining.It is a training of Self-cultivation, Self- awareness which is necessary to guide other people.The Teacher Training can be done on an individual basis or in a small group of 5 participants.