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It’s time to raise your vibration

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In other words, our vibration, or the pattern of our thoughts, attitudes, and actions, is what creates our reality. That’s because, unlike what past scientific theories assumed, the space around us is not empty. It is full of a living essence, which is like a conduit that carries our mental frequencies out into the field of possibility. Another false assumption from the past was that our external circumstances just happen.
They don’t…we create them. In short… if you want to change what you experience, then you must change your vibration.

Many of us are not living our best lives right now.
We are not living up to our potential, to the best version of ourselves. We have the power to change our reality, and attract what we want. To do that, we need to start by raising our vibration. There are countless ways to do this but here are the 5 most important.

1. Keep moving -nobody gets anywhere by standing still.
QI-Training, such as Qigong or Yoga, which includes breathing techniques is very effective to calm your mind and to strengthen your Energy flow. A connection between Body and Mind is essential for more Energy.

2. Be grateful – Gratitude is one of the quickest ways to raise your frequencies.
Try it now…just thank for something which comes in your mind spontaneously…feel your whole Body. Your Energy will expand, you might feel some tickling in your chest. Make gratitude a habit and your Life will change.

3. Eat fresh healthy food and drink plenty of fresh water – Every person is unique and so should be the diet. You don’t need to become vegan or vegetarian, just reduce the consumption of meat. If you need meat…buy good quality. Eat fresh regional food and listen to your Body what you need.Try to fast once or twice a year with just eating some raw fruits and drinking fresh water (3 days minimum), this will clean your system.
Remember everything is Energy.

4. Consume good movies, music and books – be selective about your media intake and be aware of its effect. A horror movie has a different vibration than a romance; classic music has a different effect on your emotional state than heavy metal. Be aware of everything you consume and its effect.

5.Meditate daily – Meditation and breathing mindfully makes your monkey mind quiet and calms your heart. We are constantly outside with our senses so take some time to nourish your organs and turn your senses inside. Energy flows where intentions goes.

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