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How to activate your self-healing power

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Every human Body posses self-healing forces which can be activated.
QI-Training is using the ancient techniques to activate those inner forces by Movements, Meditation and Acupressure.

Training of your HEART, MIND and BODY
Especially the Daoist QI-Training is focusing on health prevention, life extension and mental health.
Whereas most of the Qigong schools only use a simple system of movements and breathing techniques for health prevention; the Xuan Ling Gong/ancient Daoist QI-Training focuses on a Training of the Mind, the Heart and the Body.
The Mind should be calm and focused; the Heart should be pure and open and the Body should be permeable, strong and flexible.
There are special Training Methods to stimulate our Qiflow (inner Energyflow) to regain our original power which we all had at the age of puberty. Blockages and negative Energy can be released and transformed.

A Training which combines MEDITATION and BODY MOVEMENTS
The Daoist QI-Training is a holistic Training which combines MEDITATION techniques to strengthen the inner Energy and nourish the organs with BODY MOVEMENTS to strengthen the Qiflow within the meridians and open the Acupuncture Points.

This effective Form of QI-Training was kept mostly secret till 2002 and is now taught in several parts of the world, also in Berlin and Aruba.