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Depression and chronic Fatigue – the number of young patients is increasing

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More and more young people are diagnosed with Depression or chronic Fatigue
Depression and chronic fatigue syndrome are very frequent, nowadays.
I work in a Psychotherapeutical Clinic in Berlin and most of the patients are under 30 years old.It is very clear to see and feel how exhausted and powerless those peoples are.They have no Energy and no clue how to regain more Energy.

Depression occurs when a person feels sad, anxious, or hopeless for an extended period of time. People who are depressed often have sleep problems that involve sleeping too much or not sleeping at all. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that causes a person to experience continuous feelings of fatigue that don’t have any other underlying causes.
Unfortunately, people who have chronic fatigue syndrome may become depressed, and those who have depression can develop chronic fatigue syndrome. The two conditions often feed off each other in a cycle that’s difficult to break.

Taking medications is not always a solution
Taking antidepressants can sometimes make symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome worse.
That’s why your doctor should screen you for depression and chronic fatigue syndrome before you take any medication.
In most cases it is also advisable to consider an Energy-Training for Body and Mind, because a lot of times, as I experienced, it is mostly a lack of Energy and a misconception about a healthy lifestyle.

Start changing your lifestyle
Some simple lifestyle changes may help to boost your Energy.
• Maintain a healthy diet to ensure you are getting all the nutrition you need
• Drink plenty of water. Being dehydrated can zap your energy levels.
• Maintain a regular exercise program.

• Practice techniques like Taiji and Qigong to balance Body and Mind.
• Learn how to manage your Energylevel
• Maintain a manageable workload and daily schedule.
• Avoid smoking, alcohol, and drug use.

Stay active even if you are tired. Go out and meet friends.
Just do something good for yourself and fall in love taking care of yourself.