Man meditating and recharging with QI

Meditation – why and how?

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Meditation is considered to be a method of nourishing and prolonging Life. In todays hectic Life we need to decelerate and to become still, because only in stillness we can recharge ourselves. Every use of our senses (talking, listening, seeing….) is a loss of Energy.

Meditation –  a way of turning our senses inside

There are many different techniques of Meditation. In Daoist Meditation, focusing on the breath allows us to connect with the „One Breath“. Meditation in this context becomes a way of going inside, a disengagement from the outside world in order to re-connect with the cosmic QI.

Meditation – a connection with Cosmic Energy

Like a plant, human beings are rooted in the Earth, but stretch upward toward Heaven. We are between Heaven and Earth and everything within us is in some way a reflection of their interaction. Human life is a manifestation of all-encompassing respiration of Heaven and Earth and Yin and Yang flux that flows between them The QI, born of the interaction between Heaven and Earth, flows and circulates everywhere, it flows through the Body as it would through a landscape. The Body is a living landscape in which the forces of Heaven and Earth are always present, always operating. Life is actually a result of concentration of the QI and death is its dissolution.

Meditation – as a tool for self healing

The main goal of Meditation is to turn your senses inside and to become centered. There are different techniques which can be used depending on the individual needs. Most of the people need guidance to become still and to enjoy the stillness. Visualization and focusing on the breath are only two of various techniques which can help to calm the “monkey mind”. It is always important in the beginning to get some help and guidance of a qualified teacher.

Meditation helps to recharge ourselves with more Energy and to learn how to control our senses for a more fulfilled Life.