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Yoga & Qigong – Fitness trend often misinterpreted

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Yoga and Qigong are ancient ways to learn how your Body and Mind can be connected. These ancient holistic systems can lead to find an anchor within ourselves in this turbelent times. For thousands of years the life-force (so called Energy, Qi or Prana) was used to heal the Body and the Mind and to connect with Nature and the Cosmic Qi. These very complex Health systems gives us tools to train and strengthen our Body, to clean our organs and blood vessels  and to train our Mind.

Yoga and the number one Fitness trend

Today it is all about Yoga – Yogafitness – Yogalifestyle and practicing difficult asanas (body postures) with spectacular fancy names of Yoga practices such as Relax Yoga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Hormon Yoga to create new trends and impress mostly others or to feed the ego and to follow the mass. It is sad to see how commercialized and even misinterpreted these ancient traditional techniques are often taught today.
Yoga is based on the Patanjali Yoga Sutras with its 8 limbs and one of them is, as the basic training, Hatha Yoga- Asanapractice to prepare the Body for the following stepps, especially for the Meditation and Mental Training. The Asanas are important to keep the Body flexible and strong. If someone is very tense already it is not advisable to put him-her into more tension. The other way round, if someone is very flexible, he or she should not work more on the flexibility but on the strength.

To follow blindly a teacher (most of them not qualified enough) without adapting a posture or an exercise to your own body structure can be very harmful! I saw already a lot of problems in the spine, knees, hips etc. because of a false Yogapractice.
 The Asana Practice should be adapted to be effective. Yoga is not always good for everybody, even if it is a modern trend.

Qigong – the hidden secrets are not yet revealed

There are different ways to achieve the aim of a good health, inner peace and outer beauty. 
Qigong for example helps a lot to let go inner stress, anxiety and to relief pain. There are a lot of different forms of QI Practices and different levels. QI-Training was used in ancient times to clean the Body from Energyblockages and to nourish the organs, to regain youth by absorbing more cosmic QI-Energy to prolonge the Lifespan. It is also used to connect with your own true-self, your inner master or the „divine spark“ inside of you.

Qigong can be also harmful by opening Energychannels and Chakras to quickly (like the third eye) by practicing techniques to manipulate others or so called „healing others“ etc. Healing can only begin when a human being begins to be responsible for their Body and Mind. There are no healers from the outside somebody can give an impulse, but that’s all.

In ancient times a real Master would observe a student for a longer time before teaching the inner alchemy techniques (Neidan Gong), because they were aware of the danger. Always be aware that these ancient techniques are very powerful and very effective if taught in the correct way and if adapted to the individual needs.

Don’t follow blindly a practice, even if it is taught as a Fitness Trend. Feel your own body and your heart and than judge for yourself. 
If a practice hurts or does not feel good and gives you too much pain than it is probably not the correct practice for you.

Don’t push yourself too much into a Yoga posture…adapt it and work on it slowly and maybe it is not for you at all.

Yoga and Qigong – spiritual and physical Practice

After my 25 years of experience with Yogatherapy and Qigong training I wish that more people will understand the deeper meaning and effect of these complex ways of selfcultivation and health prevention techniques.

And for those who are afraid of religious manipulation, I can tell you, that in Asia most of the Qi Practitioners are Buddhist or Christians. There is no contradiction to be a Christian and connect with the Lifeforce. A prayer is a connection with the Energy, but most of the people do not feel it anymore.