We don’t need more religious fanatic people – start to be responsible for your Health and Life!

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We don’t need more religious fanatic people; we need tools and techniques to live our Life with inner peace, to become what we really are. The Earth Magneticfield changed and people start to become more conscious and clear about their own responsability in Life. We are in a process of awakening.

We are on Earth to learn and to take responsibility

We are here on Earth to learn. We come into situations and meet people where we have the possibility to understand more about our true-self and to transform negativ patterns, to release Blockages and to get rid of our Karma. We are guided, but we have the responsibility to transform and to overcome old poisining patterns. Each negativ thought, each negativ act, can not only harm others but also poison ourselves. This is why in each religion we have rules to become for virtuous. To be virtuous always sounds oldfashioned and a bit holy, but it is actually the most important tool to clean ourselves and to become mentally strong. It is our duty to become more virtuous.

We need to stay grounded and focused

We need in the times where the Earth Magneticfield changes so much, the vibration gets so high, tools to stay grounded within ourselves. It is important to keep our Body and Mind strong and focused, otherwise we will suffer from a various symptoms, such as depression, physical pain and mental illnesses etc.

Energywork (especially the ancient wisdom of Energytraining) and Meditation hepls us to stay focused and keep our Mind and Body flexible and strong. If we want to see it more spiritual, it is a way to connect with God in ourselve. It is like an anchor in us which helps us to navigate better through these rough times.

Guidance from a qualified teacher helps on the path, but we should always be aware of fanatic and manipulative religious groups and teachers.

Nobody is responsible for your Life and Health …accept you.