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QI-Training – the best way to stay healthy

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We all have our own Energyfield

Since we and all other living beings are formed and live in the Earth magnetic field, our bodies also have a magnetic field of their own.The magnetic field of our body always corresponds with and is affected by the Earth’s field. It is known that the energy patterns in the human body are affected by natural forces. QI-Training is the technique to adapt with the macro cosmos.


We are a dependend on the Cosmic energy

We are getting our main QI-Energy sources from the Sun and the Earth and our own field is affected by the variations in the Earth magnetic field, caused by the Moon, the Sun and the Stars.


We have the possibility to collect enough Energy to stay healthy

In Daoist Qigong Tradition it is common knowledge that there are 3 Energy Storage Areas, the 3 Dantians, where QI can be collected and from which Energy can be taken and used without limit. The average person can move only a limited amount of QI through his body, and can use only a small amount to nourish the organs. The more QI you have the better your Body functions. Qigong Practioners, learn how to collect the QI in the Dantians and can move QI easily throughout the whole body to nourish the organs and cells.

Daoist QI-Training teaches special techniques to open the QI gates and the Acupuncture Points, so that the Practitioner is able to accumulate a large amount of QI for a better health and a stronger Body.

Life is better with more Energy! Believe it or not…just feel it.