Qigong in the Winter time

Winter Solstice -the darkest time of the year with a lot of potential

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In December, at the very darkest time of the year, we head towards the Winter means ‘Solstice, when the new light is born out of the womb of Winter. ‘Solstice’ means standstill,’ and refers to the three days around December 21st when the sun appears to ‘stand still,’ or rise and set in the same place. During these long, cold nights, Earth’s very breath seems to falter in the face of the overpowering dark. Then, imperceptibly at first, the sun begins its long journey towards the south, and all of creation begins to exhale; a new cycle begins.


Christmas Time – a time to enjoy the stillness

This is the time to relax and meditate. Enjoying the stillness of the nature and become as peacefull as nature is. Rituals for welcoming back the Sun date from the dawn of civilization, as communities came together to celebrate life with feasting, music, dance, and above all, light and fire.

Whereas today we tend to think of Christmas as a single day or weekend event, most cultures suspended normal work routines and celebrated for at least twelve days.

Christmas – a celebration of a new cycle of light

The actual birthday of Christ had never been certain, so after much debate, the ancient midwinter feast was chosen because people were used to celebrating the birth of a Sun-god/hero at this time of year. Even then, the Church fathers had to continually remind believers that they were supposed to be worshiping the birth of Christ, not the Sun. For although this holiday now had a new name, many of the same customs were carried on as they had been for thousands of years, and for the same reason: to banish the dark and welcome back the light. In the 8th century, the traditional twelve-day pagan festival was declared a sacred season by the Church, and it became the Twelve Days of Christmas, with peaks at December 25th, January 1st, and January 6th.


It is important to use the stillness of these 12 days and collect your QI-Energy for a good foundation.

Selfreflection and Meditation will help to enjoy this Holiday Season and to start healthy and strong with a lot of Energy the New Year 2018.