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How to protect yourself against negative vibrations

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„You create your own reality“ (Schopenhauer). If this is true the next conclusion will be…you bring negative Energies (in form of negative people, negative surroundings, negative situations etc.) in your life, you attract those negative Energies.

We always attract the Energy which we send out and need in our Life

That is not easy to accept or to understand. In general, we want to blame someone for our fate; we do not want to be responsible for any negativity in our Life.

Just feel it yourself, you wake up in the morning, not feeling good, in a bad mood, and than see how the day goes on. Most of the times a lot of negative things happen, the people we meet react unkind, we come into all sorts of negative situations and so on. On the contrary, when you are in a good mood, your Energy will radiate that and people will feel it.

We are able to transform our Energy to become a happier and healthier person

The good thing is, we are able to change our vibrations! We can transform our Energy to attract positive vibrations , to become a happier person and to change our Life.

To raise your vibration is the key for a better Life and the best protection

Some helpful advice to raise your vibration:

-eat healthy fresh food (not food in cans or frozen food)

-drink lots of fresh water

-exercise daily …especially „Body & Mind Trainings“ like QI-Training, Taiji, Yoga

-practice Meditation or breathing techniques on a daily basis (at least 7 Minutes)

-observe yourself, your reactions, control and transform your emotions

-use prayer to connect with your higher-self, with the cosmic energy, God or whatever you call it

-be grateful

QI-Training is an holistic Energy-Training for a stronger Body and a healthy Mind.