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A better world starts with a better education

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Time has changed …and education should adapt

The kids are the future and we need to prepare them for Life.


The current structure of the school education is rigid and obsolete

The current structure of the school day is rigid and old-fashioned, created during the Industrial Age, the assembly line system we have in place now has little relevance to what we know kids actually need to thrive.


Success in today’s world puts a higher premium on character qualities

Problems are not getting easier to solve: Europe is paralyzed over a debate about migration; terrorism is on the rise, unemployment plagues many countries and industries are transforming overnight, requiring more skills and upending traditional educational practices. Testing well in math and science is necessary, but more is needed. “Success in today’s world puts a higher premium on character qualities,” says Andreas Schleicher, head of education/OECD. It’s still not what most schools focus on yet. We cannot put everyone in a single moral universe but we can teach them about cause and consequence, about the value of self love, respect, charity and community and about having values that are not able to be measured in material terms alone.


Moral values are important to learn at an early age

We live in an age of everyone for themselves to lesser or greater degree and we’re not going to change that if we don’t help our kids to have self esteem and self control. By the time a child reaches middle school, any value, if any, that he or she has learned, is already embedded in his or her mind and seldom can moral values in these youths be changed. Education is mostly done by the age of 7.


QI-Training – Health and Mental Training for self esteem and self control

QI-training is an holistic sytem of Health and Mental Training. By focusing on your energyfield, you gain selfawareness and self love and respect for every living creatures. The Training consists of Bodymovements (from Yoga and Qigong), Breathing Techniques and Meditation. Especially kids have to learn techniques to control their emotions and to feel what is good or bad to be protected and to feel strong in today’s challenging world.