Emotions are the internal cause of many diseases

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Emotions are the internal cause of many diseases

Every movement of the mind is a movement of QI. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, QI is the source of all movement, both inside the human Body and in the World around us.


Thoughts and Emotions are Energy

That means that the QI is not only connected to the movement inherent in physical processes, but it is also directly connected to every thought and emotion. Every thought and emotion create  an energyfield. By fixating on certain thoughts and emotions rather than letting them move through us and experiencing them, the QI can become imbalanced and creating a blockage, a physical illness.


Emotions can poison us

It may seem strange to define emotions in terms of movements of the QI, yet theses movements, although sometimes subtle, are easily perceived. Imagine something that makes you angry and let yourself fully engage with that anger. What do you feel inside your Body? There is usually some feeling of tension in the upper Body. It may manifest as a sensation of heat or tension in the chest.

Now, imagine something that makes you sad. You may notice a tightness in the chest accompanied by an emptiness…a kind of hollow feeling inside the chest. Sadness prevent the normal movement of QI, so that it stagnates and feels hollow rather than vibrant and full. It is very important to understand the impact of emotions on our physical Body. Negative emotions and thoughts can poison us and not only us…also our environment.


Health Training is only effective if Body and Mind are trained equally

Quieting your mind and gathering the QI is very important in Daoist QI -Training. To train our Mind and control our Emotions by being an observer should be one of our daily routines. Today everybody is training the physical Body in one or the other way, but if the mind is not controlled and negative patterns rule our behavior, the Body can not be considered as healthy.

The holistic Way of life practiced by the very ancient sages incorporated body, mind and spirit as a whole in all activities. Their forms of exercise developed not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well through the harmonization of their internal energies.“ Hua Hu Ching – The later Teachings of Laozi