Tips and Tricks for this difficult time right now

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You feel tired, exhausted and are afraid of the future those days? We can see a lot of chaos everywhere…massif electro magnetic stormes, hurricanes stronger than ever, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, political disorder…chaos everywhere.

So, especially in those times, we need to keep calm and keep our inner peace, but how??

Here are some useful tips to remain anchored and healthy:

– Before you start your day, sit down and meditate for some minutes about what you are grateful for. Find at least 3 things in your life for which you are grateful.

– Start your day with a short program of Yoga or Qigong (15 min. is enough to change your day)

– eat healthy, fresh fruit and also some raw food

– drink plenty of fresh water

– control your negativ thoughts, words and actions

– do at least one good act for somebody else everyday

– after your work, take some time for yourself before you go home. Go running, walk in the nature, practice Yoga, Qigong or do a short breathing meditation.

– before you sleep, take some time to reflect on your day and your behaviour. Have you been positive and constructive in your thoughts and actions throughout the day?

Let your last thought be gratitude. Take this life as a learning process for your soul.


You can not change the world…but yourself!