Don’t look outside for a change

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Don’t look outside for a change

I believe we agree that wherever you are at the moment people are getting more confused, exhausted, sick and have no idea why. We blame the climate change, food industry, banking system etc. Some of us try diets, other new fitness programs, some change partners other their jobs. All in search for a happier and better life.

So, what do we really need to feel better? 

Do we need to be in shape to feel better, do we need to look good, do we need to have a lot of money to buy what we want …to feel better? Everybody knows that all of this is not a longlasting solution. Even, if you loose weight, if you do surgery to look younger, or if you gain a lot of money, that does not help in most cases to attain inner peace.

Why do we look always on the outside for a change?

Up to 50 percent of women try to change their body and are on a diet at any given time, according to Judy Mahle Lutter. Up to 90 percent of teenagers diet regularly, and up to 50 percent of younger kids have tried a diet at some point. Americans spend more money in dieting, dieting products and weight loss surgery than any other people in the world. According to Marketdata, Americans spent $46.3 billion in weight loss products in 2004, the last year a survey was conducted. The numbers are expected to continue to grow significantly every year. According to data published by the University of Colorado, 35 percent of people who start by dieting occasionally become addicted to dieting. As weight loss programs, diets don’t work! Yes, you lose weight, but about 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1-5 years. (M. Selig in Psychology Today)

We forget that there is a reason why we gain so much weight, it is not only the food industry to blame, but ourselves …why are we not able to take care of our physical body and control our mind in a healthy correct way?

 We should not blame others for our problems, we should blame ourselves for not taking responsability

Today everybody gets so much information about nutrition, psychology and all what belongs to live a healthy and happy life…but we know less than ever about what is good for us. You know why? Because we don’t know our body (ourselves) anymore, we are disconnected and have no feeling, no perception, of what it needs to function good. We don’t even know where our organs are situated and how they function. We know more about our mobile phones and computers than our body.

We have to re-connect again and feel what is going on inside of us

Thousands of years ago people had no instruments to look inside …they used their senses and it worked. We all have what we need to make our body function, but there is no short cut, we will have to train. And it is not only our body, because the body is only an imprint of our mind.

Body and Mind are connected and we have to train both to feel good.

A healthy mind and a healthy body belong together. If you are constantly depressed, with a negative attitude and aggressiv, your body will not be healthy on a long term. Every negative thought will provoke a negative action, inside your body and outside. It is like poison for your system.

 Turn your senses inside and relax

With all the information which we get, we need to stay focused and anchored within ourselves to avoid getting exhausted and overwhelmed. With all the speed our life goes, we need to stop, decelerate and take time to relax. It is not by changing the outside you will find inner peace. Energy is the source of all life and to use it correctly will help us to re-connect.


How to start?

QI-Training can help you:

-to feel Energy and to turn your senses inside

-to differentiate Energy-fields and frequencies of QI

-to open your Energychannels (Meridians)

-to strengthen your Qiflow

-to eliminate Energyblockages inside of your Body and Mind

-to protect your Energy-field against invaders

QI-Training consists of Body movements, Meditation and Inner Alchemy exercises (NeiDan Gong)

You are able to connect with your true-self and to find inner peace if you have the willpower and believe me …Life is better and happier with more Energy. Nothing can effect your inner peace except you allow it. Everything is inside of you.

„Without going outside, you may know the whole world (…)“ Laozi