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Daoist Qigong – live better and longer with more QI

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In the Daoist QI-Training you first need to know how to regulate 4 things:

  1. Regulating your breath
  2. Regulating your emotional mind (XIN)
  3. Regulating your body
  4. Regulating your QI


1.Regulating your breath

It is important to learn how to regulate your breath so that you can obtain enough Essence from the air. There are different kind of breathing techniques such as natural breathing, chest breathing, abdominal breathing, reverse abdominal breathing etc. In order to make your breathing calm, smooth and peaceful you must first regulate your mind. The calmer and deeper your mind is, the calmer and deeper your breathing will be.


2.Regulating your mind

The Daoist say: “When large DAO is taught, first stop thought; when thought is not stopped, the lessons are in vain“ The final goal should be the „thought of no thought“; your mind should not think anymore of the past, the present or the future. The first step toward reaching that goal is to investigate yourself and come to understand yourself. Therefore you must first withdraw all of your attention from the outside world and concentrate it on your inner world. The next step will bet hat your wisdom mind will control your emotional mind.


3.Regulating your body

Relaxing your body is the first step in regulating your body. Relaxing the body includes realxing the muscles, skin, marrow and organs. Rooting, centering and balancing the body is equally important. Preparing the body is essential for an harmonious strong Qiflow.


4.Regulating your QI

When you practice Qigong you are looking to build up your QI in your body to increase the efficiency of the conversion of Essence into QI and to increase the smoothness of the QI circulation. In order to increase the smoothness of the circulation you must build up the level of QI and create QI potential. There are different ways to build up QI or to increase the QI circulation in the body. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) they use for expl. Massage, Acupuncture and Herbal treatment.

The Daoist QI- Training is very complex and includes many different techniques to open the QI channels (Meridians) and strengthen the QIflow.


Life is better with more QI!